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The Youth Ministry program at Good Shepherd is designed to provide a place where all Middle School and High School youth can feel the freedom to be themselves. Our desire is to provide a safe environment for youth to be exposed to the Christian faith, to explore their own faith, to bring their questions, and to enjoy the company of others. As a part of this community, the youth will experience God’s grace in new and creative ways through worship, music, service, study, and fellowship.


Camp 1 221x166 Camp 2 221x166 Camp 3 221x166

 Pizza and Ice Cream

     Youth 1 221x166        Youth 2 221x166

Car Wash

car wash 1 221x125   car wash 2 221x151   car wash 3 167x221

Coffee Hour

Coffee 1 221x166 Coffee 2 221x166 Coffee 3 221x166


 Hiking Spur Cross

Picture1 221x166 Picture2 221x166 Picture3 221x166


labyrinth 1 221x166  labyrinth 2 221x166  

Snow Day

snow Day 2 124x221    snow day 3 124x221    snow day 4 124x221    Snow Day 1 221x166


Day at the Park

park 1 221x166 park 2 221x166 park 3 221x166


Making Tamales

tamales 2 221x166   tamales 3 221x166  tamales 4 221x166


halloween 1 221x166       halloween 3 221x124     halloween 2 155x87

Pool Party
     image1 1 295x259     image3 221x295

Keeping Our Community Clean

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Golf & Games

Youth1      Youth2


Black Mountain Hike

BlkMtn1      BlkMtn2      BlkMtn3

Having Fun

           image1 166x221         image3 166x221        image5 166x221


Youth Up North

               Picture4 283x295      Picture5 221x295


Toy Drive

                         image 2 221x295           image 225x300 2        


Picnic at Dynamite Park

Picnic 1       picnic 2


Anthem Days                                 Celebrating Birthdays

image 6       birthdays

Paintball and Rockclimbing

image   image 2 

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